Gaia (Adoa Coelho)

Gaia é a personificação do antigo poder matriarcal das antigas culturas Indo-Européias. É a Grande Mãe que dá e tira, que nutre e depois devora os próprios filhos após sua morte. É a força elementar que dá sustento e possibilita a ordem do mundo. Nos mitos gregos, os conflitos entre Gaia e as divindades masculinas representam a ascensão do poder patriarcal e da sociedade grega sobre os povos pré-existentes.

sexta-feira, 7 de maio de 2010

The crying Child

- Why does he cry mum?

As soon as his eyes opened he smiled!

Everyone got astonished and couldn’t help but to smile too, endlessly. What a beautiful and contagious smile! Unlike every other newborn, this one didn’t cry but smiled and all the room was suddenly filled with this warmth… Though, it didn’t take long until he did cry. And he cried as if someone was hurting him. He cried as if he had some problem… They found nothing… Only that the formally lighter day had grown darker.

He cried so much that all doctors and nurses came to see what was going on. Every one hugged him, fed him and sang to him. There was no use. He wouldn’t stop.

After some weeks, they were all desperate. Science couldn’t explain what was going on. There was something of terribly wrong with that infant, but what?

His hair grew strong and fast. It looked kind of grey as if it was in such a hurry to grow that it simply forgot the color behind. Furthermore, he started to control his crying but never the tears that continually flowed. He never could.

As he went to school, all the other kids were very curious:

-Why is he always crying mum? - No answer was given…

Without small ears hearing it, parents talked between themselves about the news… They remembered this story of a little boy that wouldn’t stop crying… Was he the one? Nothing on him was denouncing of something any different of any other kid that same age, except for the tears. Oh yes, the hair was a bit strange too!

All the other kids, perhaps moved out of curiosity or some kind of magnetism, wanted to play with him.

Years gone by, still the hair reflected the colors for it no color had. Still it floated as if it were alive. People passing by him would stop and take their time just to stare, forgetting everything else. The school friends would always draw him in the drawing classes… -He is so colorful! - They used to say! - More than flowers or butterflies themselves, he was like a personification of color. Everyone couldn’t even stop smiling while at his side. Dogs and cats would follow him all around!

One day, after flying so close to him that it pulled the boy’s hair, a small bird, due to not much experience having in flying, went against a wall. Poor bird got very dizzy and fell to the floor. Running to help it, our hero gently grabbed it and gave his own tears to drink. With the smallest jump it recovered its breath, and looked into the boy’s grays eyes. - Thank you – Thought the boy he heard – He just smiled and let it go.

One day a colleague noted something was quite different. Trying to find out why he looked around. In the classroom others had the same impression. Why was everyone smiling? The boy had no more tears falling down his face… One of them started to laugh. Like a domino, one-by-one joined it. In the following classrooms the sound of laughter made them also adhered!

The next day in the news – The last of the wars still existing has finally ended yesterday – Said the reporter also laughing! He couldn’t say why exactly because each person there with him was laughing out loud too!

An astronaut in a mission, suddenly call for his companions:

- Come, come!

- Why are you…?

- Laughing? Check out our Planet Earth…

It was involved in the most wonderful Rainbow colors they’ve ever seen!

Then, even the last cynical man alive laughed!

Perhaps, one day grownups will understand why little boys cry…