Gaia (Adoa Coelho)

Gaia é a personificação do antigo poder matriarcal das antigas culturas Indo-Européias. É a Grande Mãe que dá e tira, que nutre e depois devora os próprios filhos após sua morte. É a força elementar que dá sustento e possibilita a ordem do mundo. Nos mitos gregos, os conflitos entre Gaia e as divindades masculinas representam a ascensão do poder patriarcal e da sociedade grega sobre os povos pré-existentes.

quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010


Persistence gives generally its fruits.

Full of life and attentive this time, instead of going out to play with her mates,…

When the little girl went for her book on the shelter, she already knew the purpose of it. She stretched so much until she finally got it. She went along the street and stopping in a shadow of a big wall, sited on the floor to read. Calmly crossed the small legs and putted her hair behind the ears, clearing the face. Sighted and got started…

It was a strange book.

It started with a big wall, something like the one she had behind her. Though it was just a cold grey thing, it wasn’t really only that… it had life!

Stone by stone, it was raised by sorrow, tears, lies, too much work, no time for anything, forgotten words and gestures, looking away when a being needed to be looked in the eyes and be hugged…

Stone by stone, this wall has grown bigger so the person inside would protect herself from the persons that were hurting her.

As the wall in the book reached the sky, slowly the one behind our little girl was being dismantled while the name of every sorrow was named… Each and every one of the stones was now giving place to light, becoming each rock first lighter and then more and more transparent; the rocks at their own time became bright light!

Falling in her back because no wall existed anymore to support her rear, the girl was grabbed by two protective and friendly hands. Her eyes followed these hands to the arms, continuing to a neck, to a face and its eyes… The light was all in there!

-There you are! - She said. - I had a feeling that you were around here. Come! Let me hug you. Don’t hide anymore, please.

Stone by stone, grey plus grey, heartache plus heartache, the person inside became the wall – cold and distant- It is funny though, how simple it is for these fortifications to fall apart if you just reach it inside its heart…