Gaia (Adoa Coelho)

Gaia é a personificação do antigo poder matriarcal das antigas culturas Indo-Européias. É a Grande Mãe que dá e tira, que nutre e depois devora os próprios filhos após sua morte. É a força elementar que dá sustento e possibilita a ordem do mundo. Nos mitos gregos, os conflitos entre Gaia e as divindades masculinas representam a ascensão do poder patriarcal e da sociedade grega sobre os povos pré-existentes.

quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010


Escrever um livro é como entrar numa montanha russa.
Podemos rir, gritar, enjoar, revirar as entranhas, até morrer, que ela só pára quando estiver satisfeita. Leva-nos por onde tiver de nos levar.

No fim, se a soubermos dominar... pode ser que nos pague do sofrimento...

quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010


A group of scientists wanted to know what Truth was. They started a survey amongst people in a country. As the group of scientists was heterogeneous, those with different nationality and religion wanted to ask their own people.

Soon enough governs of the World wanted to know it too. Totalitarian countries wanted to have their people telling that their country was the owner of it. In some countries they didn’t ask women, others didn’t bother to ask poor people or sick one or with a different religion... The excluded ones – because they thought they also knew what Truth was, started to rebel. No one asked young people, kids or babies – They couldn’t vote, so they didn’t count… Other countries, trying to look democratic, asked people directly about it and weren’t satisfied with the answers – some said that the party in the opposition was right instead of them… One country wanted to be proclaimed as owner of the very Truth! Its neighbors didn’t agree and proclaimed it to themselves. Other countries followed.

Everyone was talking about it. Babies continued to wet their diapers, kids continued to play their games and young people continued to listen to music, though some, in the urge to be grownups, entered the fight…
Scientists got to the conclusion that there were so many truths as people in the World.
But the confusion was already installed. Everybody was trying to force their point of view on everybody. From talking, they began to yell. No one heard any one anymore.
Two wise persons discussing the problem, at the end of many, many talking, started to see that their Truths weren’t so far apart as they thought in the beginning. At some point, they started to agree that Truth wasn’t a stable and an unchangeable thing. And that people could accept different points of views and even change their own minds in the process.
With this great discovery, they came out to the World!

- Listen, listen!!

But the yelling was so loud that they couldn’t be heard and besides, the ones that did, questioned their legality of being called of “wise” and telling everyone what was right or wrong!

When we try so hard to be right, we just forget to listen to the ones by our side. We sometimes even forget friendship and family. There are more important things in Life then to be right or to have power from it. To live Life is way much important then that!